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Hooray it's done! Setting a challenge to swim in 50 Snowdonian lakes and rivers by December 1st definitely helped inspire me through the bleaker months of the British calendar. We swap hemispheres for a different challenge tomorrow so I thought I'd quickly share what I've learnt...

I'm commonly asked, "But how does it wash your hair?" along with, "Doesn't it smell?" - I'll get to the answers shortly, if you're wondering the same! I was looking for a natural way to wash my hair for three reasons. Firstly, stripping hair of its natural...

There is something primeval about watching a campfire. It's like a lifeline to our forgotten roots in an overconnected yet disconnected world. The hypnotic glow and cosy warmth encourages story-telling, which is, of course, what separated us from the rest of the animal kingdom in the first...