Sarah Stirling

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“Your piece on the Faroes was a marvel! A fantastic piece of observation and travelogue – loved the story, loved the way you set place and the people. Thanks indeed.” Dickie, publisher of The Outdoor Adventure Guide

“This is lovely Sarah, really. Thank you so much for coming up trumps. It’s great – doesn’t need touching, and is beautiful… which of course is a joy for many, many reasons (!).” David Lintern, Editor of Outdoor Enthusiast magazine on my article about trail running in Pembrokeshire.

“Sarah was a joy to work with. She worked hard and effectively, usually pre-empting me whenever I had a suggestion by already having covered that angle.” Matt Heason, organiser of Sheffield Adventure Film Festival on my PR work.

“Really pleased with the way we all worked at Friedrichshafen [Europe’s main outdoor gear trade show]. I think we have become a very well-oiled machine now when it comes to dealing with these things. A lot of that is thanks to your excellent planning pre-show, great work at the show and solid follow-up work.” Alan James, MD of UKClimbing. I became Assistant Editor in 2009, and was full-time Gear and Features Editor of UKClimbing and UKHillwalking from 2010 to 2013.

“Keep churning out stuff like that and it will keep me happy.” Dickie, Fall-line Skiing magazine’s publisher.


“Damn, you’re good! All looks spot on, cheers.” Alex Messenger on my work as Assistant Ed of BMC Summit magazine.

“Sarah Stirling is intelligent, thoughtful, easy to work with and gets things done.” Nicholas Rudd-Jones, publisher of Local Living magazines. I was Outdoor Activities Editor from 2004 to 2008. My first regular writing job.

“How refreshing to see a bold, well-researched piece on a controversial subject. I was very impressed by the way you found a number of real-life case-studies and by the thoughtful way in which you put your argument across. There’s a great need for high-quality, thought-provoking pieces like this, so bravo.” Email from a reader about my article Mountaineering Mums.

“You’re great to work with! Thanks for consistently turning around proofreading and copy editing jobs to a very high standard when the pressure is on.” Shane Ohly, Marketing Consultant for Inov-8 running shoes.

“I’m really pleased with the way the Rutland piece has turned out. It’s a lovely article, so thank you.” Beautiful Britain magazine.

“I have just finished reading Swansea and I enjoyed it SO much – I could imagine every step of your route and enjoyed it all – more than anything it really made me WANT to go and try it out. You are more than welcome to do another city any time the fancy takes you.” Nicholas Rudd-Jones, Publisher of Urban Rambles.

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“Excellent article on down trade in Summit mag from Sarah Stirling. The BMC doing what it does best, supporting and caring for us climbers.” Vertebrate Publishing commenting on my article on Twitter.

“Fantastic article. Really good. I’ve edited it now (hardly touched it, took out a few words here and there).” Alex Messenger, Summit magazine Editor, on my article about down sourcing.

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article on Rutland, in the forthcoming issue of Beautiful Britain. (In case you’re wondering, I sub-edit each issue of the magazine as well as contributing to it) I know Rutland and south Leicestershire very well (was born there), and your piece brought back lots of memories. More than that, though, I found/find your style of writing, your ‘voice’ if you like, very engaging and a far cry from the general run-of-the-mill commissioned hack stuff. I can’t wait to read more.”

“Thank you for all your hard work on this. I will certainly be recommending you to people.” Becky McGovern from the BMC, on my work as Articles Editor of the bookazine ‘Get Into Climbing’.

“This is fresh, it’s creative, it’s a whole new angle. It’s fantastic, I wouldn’t change a single word. I’m building a wonderful portfolio of magazine articles to show the non-PR believers in the office!” Rutland Cycling Centres on my PR work.

“Your article prompted Sharman Quinney Estate Agents to go for a whole page ad along the same lines – he was very impressed with your style. Thanks Sarah!” Local Living Marketing.